About Chill’o

The Visionary and Founder, Cigdem Harms saw difficulty trying to keep a bottle of wine chilled without causing a mess. She set her vision on creating a product that not only was efficient in keeping bottles chilled for a long period of time, but also made it so that the product looked elegant and stylish. Harms created Chill’o in her home country of Turkey; and used non-toxic & long lasting materials. She is excited to release the product to wine enthusiasts. Even though her main focus of distribution is mainly within the continent of North America, she has established relationships internationally in countries like Germany and Turkey. Through the proper distribution channels, Cigdem Harms hopes to make Chill’o available world wide.

Chill’o is an easy to use wine stand used to chill your favorite wine bottle. The stand comes pre-assembled so you can have it out of the box and ready in under five minutes. The Included Gel Pack is placed in the freezer for a few hours. Once taken out, its set on the stand and its ready to sit and chill a wine bottle for up to 6 hours. Chill’o is sure to impress your family and friends. The sleek, custom look will put a smile on your face as well.  Chill’o is easy and simple to use the only wine stand you will ever need.

The maker of Chill’o developed the product to solve the bottle/ice problem it would create. With a simple solution, the idea of a Gel Pack came to fruition. The Gel Pack is a “Wet free” way to keep wine bottles chilled, anywhere…anytime.

Chill’o Features:

  • Long Lasting Gel Pack that stylishly displays the bottle
  • No More Mess caused by ice and water.
  • Keeps bottle dry and maintains the integrity of the label.
  • Portable and Light Weight
  • Made with safe & non toxic materials.
  • Perfect for wine tasting, gatherings and events
  • Can be personalized to fit anyone’s unique style & taste
  • Made In Turkey